Outline of Training

Course Duration

The course lasts three years. It covers a closely interwoven mixture of theory and practice:

  • theoretical studies at the College lasting 24 months
  • a 12-month period of practical experience at various state Justice Department offices.


Legal Status during the Training Programme

On being accepted as trainee graduate court registrar, applicants are appointed as temporary civil servants and are officially designated as "graduate court registrar cadets".


The Training Programme

The training course is subdivided into four blocks as follows:

  • Stage I (Theoretical): 12 months
    at the Schwetzingen Technical Institute, combined with a two-days introduction at a Court;
  • Stage (Practical): 12 months
    at a Court and in a Public Prosecutor's office;
  • Stage II (Theoretical): (12 months)
    at the Schwetzingen Technical Institute.


Examination and Award of Degree

The training course concludes with the final for graduate court registrars. Successful examination candidates are awarded the degree of 
"Diplom Rechtspfleger (FH)" [= "Graduate Court Registrar (TI)"]


Pay (Salary)

During the period of training (the so-called probation period), trainees are paid a trainee's allowance (salary) according to the German Public Service Remuneration Act.

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