German graduate court registrars are an independent organ of German justice system. They make independent judicial decisions on their own responsibility on matters of so-called contentious and non-contentious jurisdiction delegated to them.

The areas of responsibilit^y of German graduate court registrars include:

  • Land Register matters: decisions on applications for entry of owners of new properties or house-owners and applications for the entry of mortgages, land charges, easements and other charges in the Land Register;
  • the compulsory auction of properties;
  • insolvency proceedings;
  • the Commercial Register: decisions on entries of merchants and trading companies;
  • family and guardianship law: the appointment and supervision of guardians, legal carers, those providing nursing care and the issuing of guardianship and family court approvals;
    estate matters: opening of wills, issuing of inheritance certificates;
  • criminal law matters: execution of matters concerning fines and prison sentences;
  • costs: determining court and legal costs after the conclusion of legal proceedings;
  • applications for legal aid: acceptance of applications and written statements from those seeking advice, approval of applications for financial assistance from needy persons requiring legal aid;
  • court administration: act as general managers of the court, personnel and budget managers, district auditors, controllers or central auditing officials for court bailiffs.

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