The Schwetzingen Technical Institute & Graduate Court Registrars' College is an internal institute of technology of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.
The College trains trainee graduate court registrars from the states of Baden-Württemberg, the Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland in a three-year course which concludes with the award of the German degree of "Diplom-Rechtspfleger (FH)" (= Graduate Court Registrar).

The College also trains trainee graduate bailiff court registrars from the state of Baden-Württemberg in a three-year course study which concludes with the award of the Bachelor of Laws.

Only those people who have previously accepted for employment by the responsible employing authority as trainees with the status as temporary civil servants may study at the College.
The degree course at the College is closely interwoven with practical training periods with various offices of the Justice Departments of the above-mentioned states. This combination of theory and practice means that the students are well prepared for their careers.

Translater's Note:
The word "Rechtspfleger" cannot be directly translated into English as this profession exists only in Germany.  A "Rechtspfleger" might be best described as a kind of graduate court registrar one  level lower than a judge. He/she  who makes legal decisions in various matters as described on this website, is responsible to the law only and – like a judge - is legally independent and answerable only to the law i.e., he/she is not subject to direction or supervision. A "Rechtspfleger" is normally a graduate of a German degree-granting technical institute which is subject to the supervision of the state.

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